In this section we will highlight the protection of public health and the maintenance of public hygiene and sanitation

Prevention of alcoholism

There are many kinds of rehab applications to fight alcoholism. Many of them could be related to among the following groups though each therapy plan has its faculties: Short term detox. Such applications permit an alcohol too through detox (sobering up and beating actual reliance) for some times along with a treatment. Those individuals who […]

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Drugs and Society

Addiction is a problem that concerns not only the health of individual members of society who suffer from this ailment. Addiction is the problem of society as a whole. In one way or another, it affects all its elements, first of all, requiring the costs of treatment for drug addicts, the elimination of the consequences […]

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The problem of addiction

According to experts, at present in many countries, including USA, the problem of drug addiction and substance abuse is a priority. Given to the central press and competent authorities, the number of drug addicts is increasing every year, primarily the number of drug dependent children and young people. This process does not lend itself to […]

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Tobacco smoking among young people

According specialists, the routine of smoking is generally shaped in youthful decades. Once they were teens many adult smokers started initially to smoking. Therefore, other along with smoking types of tobacco use among teenagers must be unique issues for adults’ topic. The most impact is accomplished if initiatives to avoid tobacco use are focused in […]

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Smoking and its effect on the human body

Among the poor practices that are most typical is smoking. Cigarette items are ready from dried leaves that have etc., meats, carbohydrates fiber essential fatty acids. Smoking is just a bad habit, in breathing the smoking of smoldering cigarette containing, is among the types of drug abuse. It’s an adverse impact on the healthiness of […]

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Biosocial factors of a healthy lifestyle

Biosocial factors of a healthy lifestyle are the result of a complex impact of the life environment, manifested through the state of health (physical development of the organism, the functional state of the body systems, physical performance and the level of development of physical abilities). The main causes of the diseases: Detainment is the main […]

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Health of the population and its factors

Environment facets are natural, chemical, bodily, and sociable along with other ecological elements which have or might have a direct effect on the individual and about the wellness of future decades. Extra reduction is just a complex of steps targeted at removing the indicated danger elements, which under particular problems (tension, weakening of defense, and […]

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Social factors of a healthy lifestyle

While evaluating the healthiness of the populace, the local element is taken into consideration, which includes a quantity of components: weather, alleviation, anthropogenic fill, socio economic problems, population occurrence, commercial mishaps, catastrophes and natural problems, etc. The class “atmosphere” features a mixture of organic and anthropogenic aspects. The latter would be the facets also have […]

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