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The importance of knowledge about human health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being of a person, which ensures its high efficiency and social activity. The human body adapts to the change in the intensity of the action of environmental factors, thanks to which an equilibrium is established between it and the environment: the organism responds to changes in the activity of a certain ecological factor by changes in the processes of vital activity. Violation of this balance leads to the development of the disease.

All activities for human health are divided into curative and preventive. Treatment includes diagnosis that determines the cause of the disease, the treatment itself and rehabilitation – recovery of the body during recovery. An important component of treatment is the prevention of diseases. This is a set of measures aimed at preventing the occurrence and spread of diseases, strengthening health.

What methods exist for diagnosing the state of human organs or organism? Conclusion on the general state of human health can be done on the basis of a number of studies: medical, biochemical, physical, anatomical, genetic, etc. The indicators of the state of the human body obtained as a result of the studies are compared with the average values of these parameters in healthy people of the appropriate age and sex.

How to maintain health? Everyone should remember that health is easier to maintain than to restore after ailments. Therefore, take care of health from childhood. It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, master the basics of medical and biological knowledge.