Biosocial factors of a healthy lifestyle

Biosocial factors of a healthy lifestyle are the result of a complex impact of the life environment, manifested through the state of health (physical development of the organism, the functional state of the body systems, physical performance and the level of development of physical abilities).

The main causes of the diseases:

  1. Detainment is the main cause of diseases of modern man. Detainment is expressed in decreasing the reserves of all organs. This is not only a sharp weakening and atrophy of the muscles, but also a decrease in the volume of the heart, accompanied by a reduction in the lumen of the coronary arteries. This is the drop in the breath limit – one of the main indicators of viability, and a decrease in the functions of all organs and systems, including regulatory ones the nervous and endocrine, which are responsible for mobilizing the reserves available in the body in the event of a sharp increase in the load.
  2. The second cause of disease – overeating. In animals evolution has worked out the mechanism of creating energy reserves in the form of fat very economical energy material. Excess fats is stored under the skin, and then in the internal organs – this is a reserve in case of hunger.

Unfortunately, obesity is harmful to health. Fat first of all, ballast for any cell, but that’s not all. It turns out that eating animal fat, along with an excess of salt (so that it tastes better), enhances the processes of sclerosis. Sclerosis is a disease of the vessels, when cholesterol is deposited on their walls, then calcium salts. As a result, the lumen of the vessels narrows, the surface of their walls becomes rough, and blood clots can form on it. Clogs clog the vessel, disrupting the blood supply of the organ.

If there is no work, high doses of epinephrine circulate for a long time in the body and can adversely affect its internal regulation. In particular, this causes spasms a reduction in smooth muscles, embedded in the walls of the vessels, in various ducts, in the intestine. Spasms disturb the healthy rhythm of the body.

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