Proper nutrition – the essence and the basic rules

The fact that proper nutrition is one of the main foundations on which health is built is known if not to everyone, then too many. Proper use of “good” food can prevent many problems and solve existing ones. Constant adherence to the principles of proper nutrition will maintain optimal weight, strengthen immunity, and normalize metabolism, function of digestive and other systems. It will also help to prolong youth and preserve, and sometimes, even, restore the health of the body.

The rules of proper nutrition

In the organization of proper nutrition, there are so many different nuances and subtleties that can be fully understood and understood only with time. Nevertheless, there are a number of basic rules that form the basis of proper nutrition, the observance of which is mandatory.

During the day, you must eat at least three times, but preferably four, five or even six. And all meals should be organized in such a way that they pass at the same time. This diet offers many advantages. First, it protects against overeating. Thirdly will avoid unnecessary snacks and distribute caloric content of dishes. And most importantly, nutrition at the same time will greatly improve the absorption of food. In addition, the last meal should be organized no later than three hours before the planned retirement.

Caloric content of the diet

However, these figures are very arbitrary, since each person spends a different amount of energy. Caloric content of the daily diet should be calculated individually based on age, sex, physique and level of physical activity. For example, a person actively engaged in sports spends more energy than an office employee who has forgotten even where his sneakers are. The menu should be designed so that the amount of energy (calories) entering the body with food and its consumption are balanced. If calories are not enough, the body will be weakened, but if their number is more than necessary, the body will begin to put surplus stock in the form of cholesterol and fat. Caloric content is recommended to be reduced, first of all, due to carbohydrates, and then fats.

Distribution of daily ration

It is recommended to organize meals in such a way that breakfast and lunch is most nutritious, and snacks and supper consist of the most light, well digestible products.

Take care that the menu includes only useful products that can provide the body with everything that it needs. Proper balanced nutrition means consumption in large quantities of fruits, greens and vegetables (the latter should be more than the first), in smaller quantities of meat, dairy products, fish, cereals, poultry.

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