Proper nutrition for losing weight

Now it is no secret to anyone that many fashionable diets, especially those that promise fast weight loss, can harm health. But in order to get rid of extra pounds does not necessarily starve yourself, in many cases it is enough just to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. Of course, in this case the weight will not decrease quickly, but the results obtained will be well fixed, and the lost will not return within a few months. In addition, such weight loss will pass without harm, even, on the contrary, will only benefit the body.

The diet of proper food and diet for weight loss should basically remain the same as the one that was described earlier. From undesirable products must be completely abandoned, in addition, it is necessary to exclude potatoes, white rice and grapes. From dairy products, it is worth choosing those that contain a minimum of fat, but not fat free, because they usually contain not very useful additives.

Drink more water. In a day it is recommended to consume about two liters of water. And the main part of it is recommended to drink until six in the evening. In this case, it is desirable to refrain from using the liquid for half an hour before and after food intake. This is due to the fact that the liquid is able to change the concentration of gastric juice, which causes digestive disorders.

In addition to fried, from the diet should also be excluded salty, fatty and spicy food. However, it is impossible to refuse completely from fats, because they are necessary for the body. Just try to replace most of the animal fats with vegetable.

It will not be superfluous to control the amount of servings. Do not eat a large amount of food at a time, even low calorie. This can lead to a stretching of the stomach; as a result, he will need more food each time. Ideally, the amount of food for one portion by volume should not be more than a glass.

In addition to nutrition, it is worth paying attention and lifestyle. Try to increase physical activity as much as possible. This does not mean that you need to exhaust yourself with heavy workouts, just walk more, do exercises, go to the pool, you can register for dances, etc., in general, try to do what is most like and what you will enjoy .

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