How to care for the skin before and after training?

Remember that during work, the work of sweat and sebaceous glands is intensified. This factor must be taken into account when caring for the skin before and after training. So, I will share my experience!

What do I need to do before training?

First of all, take off your makeup. It would seem that all this has long been understood, but, unfortunately, I very often meet girls in the hall with a full “parade”. I now have in mind tonal, powder, blush, etc. If you really want to, you can leave mascara, a pencil for the eyebrows, and a remedy for dark circles under the eyes. I think this set is enough to feel confident.

Why cannot deal with tonal funds? Almost all of them are made on a fat basis, due to which a protective film is formed on the skin. In general, this is good, but during fitness our body temperature is rising, sweat is allocated, and something like a greenhouse effect is created. All the accumulated pollution and bacteria begin to work actively. It is always crumbly, and without a silicone base. And minerals just have antioxidant protection, and will not clog pores. If you are visiting a pool with chlorinated water, I would very much recommend using protective creams to prevent irritation and dryness.

What antiperspirant to choose?

Some time ago, there were many rumors that antiperspirants are almost dangerous for health. But modern means can maximally clog the pores in the armpits, and then, if very actively use the sticks every day for several times. If you are still experiencing, you can pick up a medicinal antiperspirant in the pharmacy. But they are also significantly more expensive. By the way, it’s hard to cope with your task with solid sticks, but aerosols are always weaker.

How do I care for my skin after a workout?

Do not miss this step! Many girls take a shower, but completely forget about the skin of the face. But it also sweats and becomes polluted; from here there are pimples and inflammations. If after the shower gel there is stiffness and dryness of the skin, then I apply lotion to the whole body.

Anti-cellulite funds are not out of place. Of course, on their own, without fitness, massage and nutrition, they will not help. But as an auxiliary means for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, it is not necessary to neglect them. It is precisely after training that blood circulation improves, and the body responds better to such remedies.

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