Formation of motivation for a healthy lifestyle

The child’s lifestyle is the foundation of his health throughout his entire life. An incorrectly laid foundation can damage growth and development, even if all the rest of its elements are laid correctly. For the health of the future generation of our nation, it is necessary to inculcate and motivate a healthy lifestyle. Motivation of a healthy lifestyle is a set of measures aimed at the appearance in children of the desire to comply with all the rules and norms of a healthy lifestyle.

Activities for the formation of motivation should begin with the birth of the child. To do this, parents gradually accustom him to regular and regular nutrition, personal hygiene, etc. It is also necessary to instill in the child skills of self-service and self-fulfillment of the basic actions of personal hygiene in time. Growing up, the child gets used to the regime of the day, established for him by the parents of the rules and does not imagine a different way of life. A healthy lifestyle should become a necessity for the child: if the child, for example, could not do exercises in the morning or brush his teeth, then he has emotional discomfort.

A great influence on the formation of a healthy lifestyle of a child is imposed by the personal example of adults surrounding him, since the nature of children is imitated by adults. This refers to the actions of parents, family members, kindergarten teachers, teachers. It is also important to constantly monitor the child: all his actions should be evaluated; he should receive encouragement or reprimand.

Often at this age, peers are very popular, so the way of life of a child will largely depend on the lifestyle of his friends, the company. At this age, the motivation for a healthy lifestyle should not come from adults, but from peers. Therefore, it is necessary to hold special meetings and class hours, at which the children themselves must prepare reports on the importance of a healthy lifestyle: about the dangers of smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise.

Teenagers are also heavily influenced by the media: radio, television, magazines, the Internet. To motivate a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to attract the attention of students to the programs, articles and publications that promote a healthy lifestyle.

It should be avenged that at the present time a healthy lifestyle becomes fashionable. More and more popular people are promoting a healthy lifestyle, besides; healthy, athletic, strong personalities are more popular than those who are exhausted by bad habits. Preceding from this, in conversations with schoolchildren it should be explained that good health is one of the first steps towards popularity and success.

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