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Some products, or rather the substances contained in them, can have a beneficial effect on the body, others, on the contrary, can worsen its activity and adversely affect the condition of many organs and even systems. The task of proper nutrition is to eliminate harmful food from the diet and enrich it with useful food.

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Women in the situation are encouraged to use only quality products. In the first trimester, the daily norm of calories should remain the same as before pregnancy. In the early stages, it is worth to increase the intake of protein, as well as fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits. Protein food try to consume for lunch and breakfast, evening meals make as easy as possible.

In the second trimester it is necessary to reduce the usual volumes of servings and in parallel to increase the number of meals. In the third trimester, because of the danger of edema, women are often recommended to reduce the intake of salt and liquid.

There are also strictly prohibited products, from which the body certainly will not benefit – it is a variety of snacks, fast food, purchased sauces, sweet soda, alcohol and other products in which there are many additives and preservatives.

The right mix of products

On assurances of nutritionists, not all foods can be consumed during one meal. This is due to the fact that the joint use of certain types of food, leads to a violation of the digestive process and prevents the normal absorption of substances. Nutrition and children’s health are closely related. The presence of harmful products in the diet of a child is fraught with the emergence of a variety of problems, starting with a decline in performance and ending with obesity and related diseases.

In order for the child to grow up healthy and active, it is necessary to accustom it to proper nutrition from infancy. For each age there are special recommendations for nutrition. For example, what is allowed to eat a three year old can be categorically contraindicated to a one year old child. The task of each parent is to carefully study them and strictly observe them.

Proper nutrition for older children should be built on the same principles as for adults. Organizing it, pay special attention to the mode of eating, the variety of diet and the absence of harmful products.

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