Fitness aerobics as a sport

Fitness aerobics – one of the youngest sports, quickly gained popularity throughout the world. This is a massive, aesthetically fascinating and truly spectacular team sport. The peculiarity of fitness aerobics is determined by the organic combination of sport and art, the unity of movements and music. Fitness aerobics is available to people of different ages and sex, especially popular among children, adolescents and youth. Fitness aerobics is one of the most “healthy” sports, in which beauty, harmony and perfection play an important role. Despite the relative simplicity and accessibility, fitness aerobics is quite a complex sport in coordination and physical terms. Competitive combinations are characterized by a rapid pace, a sharp change in body position, position.

Based on the accumulated experience and on the most relevant and progressive sports directions and developments, fitness aerobics follows one of the main principles – the connection of times and traditions. This helps to move forward with the times and gives a reliable support.

It is important to note that fitness aerobics bears only a positive attitude of a healthy lifestyle and behaviors aimed at achieving a perfect physical and spiritual form, which cannot be said about other dance directions of the youth subculture. For example, let us recall Negative patterns of behavior of this social group are widely represented on television screens, on the Internet and in the press. Giving the child to the sports section, we inevitably lay the foundation of his behavior and morals, so everything from the professionalism of the mentor, to choosing the right direction for development within existing youth cultures and their social load, is important.

The schedule of events and competitions are included in the Unified Calendar Plan of the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy. Developed and approved discharge standards for fitness aerobics. Competitions in fitness aerobics are conducted in three disciplines: aerobics, step aerobics, hip-hop. The results of the competitions are summed up according to age categories: children, cadets, juniors, adults. All public organization Federation of Fitness Aerobics is a multifunctional, ramified system.

Fitness aerobics in comparison with other sports directions has reached incredible results. The scale and number of all kinds of sporting events, championships and competitions in fitness aerobics cannot be counted. Since 2000 in the championships, cups and championships, organized by the Aerobics Federation, more than 10,000 athletes have already participated! But performances at festivals, competitions, competitions are for young people the main motive for regular physical education and sports, a powerful incentive to maintain a healthy full-fledged lifestyle.

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