From the healthy self-esteem and how to reach it

Positive self-esteem is an important and protective pillar of mental well-being. Although we can not always influence our happiness, we manage to better manage crisis situations with a healthy self-esteem and to develop ourselves more easily in quieter times. Learn about your self-esteem and learn valuable tips that inhibit self-esteem and how to consolidate this […]

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Eyes: what harms them and what protects them

They are the “mirror to the soul”, one of our most important sensory organs, have an effect on the metabolism and are very sensitive. Our eyes need good care and care so that they last a long time. We show you what there is to know. None of the human sensory organs is worth more […]

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Write an essay – how does that work?

Sometimes you also ask yourself this question if you have to write an essay as a homework assignment. The essay does not exist. Rather, the essay is divided into various written forms, such as the report or the storyteller. So you have to ask exactly what the task really means. Otherwise it says quickly: “Missed […]

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Regularities of Career Growth of Doctors in Medical Organizations

The implementation of the personnel policy, including the management of the career of medical personnel, is one of the main directions for increasing the effectiveness of the activities of health authorities and institutions. It is known that a career can be professional (the growth of knowledge, skills: specialization, transprofessionalization – expansion of tools and areas […]

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Adrenalectomy – surgical treatment of adrenal tumors

Adrenal glands – paired glands related to the endocrine system, perform a number of important functions. Like any organ, the adrenal gland can stop working stably because of a tumor, malignant or benign. As a result, the hormonal background, metabolism, arterial pressure problems and many other pathological conditions can be disrupted. In a number of […]

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Dentist – Importance of this profession

The dentist’s occupation is just a wide idea that includes instructions that are many. The dentist counselor treats caries, dental waterways (this section of work is known as endodontic), performs creative corrections of teeth using the aid of completing supplies. The less the enamel is ruined, the simpler it’s to truly save it. But supplies […]

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